Day Trip to Halki Island with transfer from Rhodes City to Kamiros Skala Port: Free time in Halki (6 Hrs)


Would you like to spend a day on a little Greek island with the most laid-back atmosphere, the most crystal clear turquoise waters, taverns with the tastiest seafood, locals with the kindest smiles, and most quaint aristocratic mansions with scenic alleyways? One of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese, Halki will impress you with its authenticity and simplicity. During the short 35 min travel on a small ferry boat, observe the panorama of Rhodes’ rocky west shoreline! Once you step on the island, dive into the tranquil rhythm and forget about the clock as you will have plenty of free time to enjoy atmospheric walks through stone-paved alleys, savor the serene and authentic atmosphere of the little port and age-old churches, discover dream-like beaches with turquoise waters, and have the most delicious lunch in an authentic tavern! We call Halki „The little Greek Paradise!”

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8 hrs + Pickups 08:00-18:30
Halki Panorama (1 of 1)
35 min Travel each way
Halki Panorama (1 of 1)
1 hour Port Transfer Each Way
Halki Panorama (1 of 1)
180 persons max
Halki Panorama (1 of 1)
Guide Not a guided tour
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Easy/Moderate walking
Halki Panorama (1 of 1)
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If you have been to Symi Island, Halki will seem very familiar, yet like any other island, it has its own unique aspects. Halki is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Dodecanese with only 313 permanent residents, but it stores some exciting secrets! You should also know that Halki is designated by UNESCO as the “island of peace and friendship“!

Your day will start with an approx. 1-hour drive along the western coastline to the little fishermen’s port Kamiros Skala. Passing by little countryside villages will put you in the mood for traveling!

Departing from Kamiros Skala port is a nice experience on its own. Observing the panorama of Rhodes’ rocky shoreline, Kritinia’s Castle, and mountains the 35 min travel will seem like a breeze!Chalki Island I Boat trip from Rhodes I Manos Going

Approaching Halki, you will first see a little islet at its entrance, then a  colorful settlement will appear at the bottom of the surrounding hills. The brightly colored 19th-c. two-story neoclassical mansions amphitheatrically adorning the little port will leave you breathless! You will easily pick out two churches by their bell towers, the three windmills at the far left, and the ruins of a Venetian fortress at the peak of one of the mountains.

Chalki Island I Boat trip from Rhodes I Manos Going

You will have plenty of free time to explore Halki! We suggest starting with a nice walk around the little port where fishermen leave their boats and spread their catch! You will be surprised how clean and transparent is the water at the port! Do not miss visiting the St. Nicolas church close to the port with its impressive bell tower.

Chalki Island I Boat trip from Rhodes I Manos Going

After exploring the Nimporio (port area), it is time to head to one of the beaches! Walk towards the other bell tower with a clock, on the way admiring the beautiful white Townhall with a spectacular double staircase.

Chalki Island I Boat trip from Rhodes I Manos Going

At this point, you can choose to walk approx. 500 m to the most popular beach Pondamos with fine white sand. The road to the right will lead you straight to the beach! It is organized with beach loungers and umbrellas and has a tavern with seafood and local food.Halki Island

Or you can turn left, and walk through the colorful labyrinth of small houses and after approx. 500m reach the Ftenagia beach with its emerald waters and silhouette of Rhodes at the horizon. Few umbrellas are available and a gorgeous taverna for that cold beer and calamari!Chalki Island I Boat trip from Rhodes I Manos Going

Just make sure to be on time for your return trip! We will be waiting for you at Kamiros Skala to take you back to Rhodes City!



Staff speaks English

Tour Duration: 8 Hrs + Pickups



Transfer Vehicle: Medium-size Coach

Vessel: Passengers Boat, max 180 Participants

Mobile Booking confirmation accepted


What to expect

– Transfer from Rhodes Town, Ixia, and Ialyssos to Kamiros Skala Port

– Receive boarding cards for the Ferry Boat

– 45 min each way boat trip to Halki

– 6 hours of free time in Halki


Meals & refreshments

No additional entrance tickets required

Optional activities

COVID-19 health and safety measures

-Wearing a medical Face mask in closed areas is optional

-No additional documents are required to travel

-Transportation vehicles are regularly sanitized & ventilated

Best For

  • Travelers who are fond of authentic Greek islands
  • People enjoying boat trips and exploring sites individually
  • Those who like to whim in crystal clear emerald water 😉



What to expect

Sandy Beach
Nature Sites
Scenic Views
Free Time
Religious Sites


  • Reach the island in a short 30 min boat trip on a fast ferry
  • Explore the unique settlement with the colorful little port
  • See an impressive bell-tower of St. Nicholas Church
  • Take countless photos of fishermen boats and colorful houses with bougainvillea flowers
  • Go for a swim into the crystal clear emerald waters of Pontamos or Ftenagia beach
  • Enjoy fresh local seafood in a waterfront tavern
  • Benefit from the worry-free 1 hour transfer to/from Kamiros Skala Port


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On the way to Halki (1 of 1)

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