The 5 Best Sunset spots in Rhodes


Sunsets in Rhodes are magic! On the longest day of the year – the Summer Solstice, we want to share with you our most favorite places where to have a delightful dusk experience! Being on the island of Helios – the Sun-god, it is one of the most impressive moments of the day. Why not, make it even more special in these awe-inspiring locations!

1. Mount Smith

Sunset Mount Smith | Rhodes Island | Manos Going

Just at the outskirts of Rhodes Town, next to the Acropolis of Rhodes, you will find an idyllic spot to sendoff your day! The historic ruins of the Apollo Temple will provide a unique setting.

Start your evening (at least 1 hour before the sunset time) with a nice walk through the Ancient Stadium, then climber up the Ancient Odeon until you reach the Temple. Here you are – at the highest part of the ancient city – the Acropolis!

Soak up the atmosphere and head across the two roads towards the edge of the cliff where a spectacular sunset view will unfold before your eyes. Splashes of warm and soothing colors will be all over the coastline of Asia Minor. Face the sun, feel the breeze, and welcome in the night. The whole experience is simply unmatched.

2. Monolithos Castle

Sunset in Monolithos Castle | Rhodes Island | Manos Going

Monolithos Castle is situated at the westernmost point of Rhodes island. This is an excellent location for sky gazing as the sun slowly creeps down into the Aegean Sea.

If you prefer an undisturbed view of the horizon, catch the sunset from the castle. The Castle sits on top of a 236 m (775 ft) high rocky crag, so reserve some time for climbing (you will need some trainers as the steps might be slippery). The breathtaking views will reward your climb!

For interesting compositions with the castle and the rock on the foreground, remain at the top of the cliff with nice benches and a wide roadside to sit and enjoy the scenery. Nature, the wide horizon, a light breeze, smell of pine trees, beehives, birds chattering… a perfect location to witness a dazzling display and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

If you see little kiosks with local producers still open, do not miss a chance (after the climb!) to try local liquor – souma (often with honey, lemon, or even coffee)!

3. Kritinia’s Castle

Sunset in Kritinia Castle | Rhodes Island | Manos Going

No matter how many sunsets you’ve already seen, here in Kritinia’s Castle, it will feel like a unique experience. The byzantine and medieval-style Castle of Castello was built by the Knights of St. John at the beginning of the 16th century and will infuse history with the colorful sunset to make you feel as if you have gone back in time.

Head towards the edge of the castle, which originally was a watchtower, and dive into the skyscape beauty with a panoramic view of Makri, Alima, Chalki, and Tilos islands on the horizon. The view will allure all your senses and most likely, you will be bitten by a travel bug and long to visit all the nearby islands!

4. Filerimos Hill

Sunset in Filerimos | Rhodes Island | Manos Going

Filerimos is a wonderful site to visit both day time and evening time! As you walk the Calvary route towards the big cross, you will feel it’s spiritual aura. It might be not only a beautiful sunset show for your eyes but also for your soul!

As you approach the viewpoint, first you will be impressed by the 17.8 m (58.4 ft) big cross, then see the airport runway with airplanes landing & taking off, and the panoramic view of Ialyssos, Ixia, and Rhodes town. It is a perfect place to watch cities to transit from day to night. You will be only disturbed by weird background sounds – mating cries of peacocks!

5. Rhodes Town

Sunset in Rhodes | Rhodes Island | Manos Going

Rhodes Town is probably the most popular choice to go for sunset watching! It has the most positive vibe of any place around.

If you are a foodie, choose one of the taverns in Psaropoula beach. Enjoy the cast of the sunset colors sitting with seafood and some dry white local wine! The sunset creates a cozy feeling of pure happiness.

For unique views, walk up the road to the viewpoint of Kato Petres (opposite Rhodos Horizon Hotel) where you can indulge in the view of Ixia bay to your left, Rhodes town to your right and a beautifully fading sun over the coastline of Turkey in front. The ever-changing palette of sunset will inspire your soul! Sunset in Rhodes Town | Rhodes Island | Manos Going

A beautiful sunset makes the travel experience complete, the perfect end to a perfect day! Whether you step back in time to remote historic castles or take the busy sea-front promenade in Rhodes Town, you will never be disappointed by the palette of sunset. You will forget yourself as you relax and stare at reflections of warm sunset colors of the sky marry the Aegean sea so charmingly. And this is most likely the moment when Rhodes will quietly whisper for you to return, and you most certainly will!!!

We will be more than happy to see your best Rhodes holiday Sunset photos! Share them on Instagram or Facebook and tag #manosgoing! Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed our suggested sites. We will be very glad and appreciate it!

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