Safety & Health Protocol for the Summer 2020


We are slowly and cautiously approaching the reopening of the tourism sector in Rhodes. As of July 1, international flights will be allowed into all of the country’s airports. As we will face a new reality, it is fundamental to place the security and health of our customers, staff, and partners at the core of our operations. The purpose of the Safety & Health Protocol is to provide information on how we are going to manage our transport & tour operations to ensure the safety & health of passengers and staff.


We aim to maintain safe and secure services without compromising authentic and meaningful experiences. #safetravels


This document complements the advice of global and local public health authorities and will be regularly revised and updated in line with possible changes. This way, we want to protect our customers, staff, and partners, build their confidence, and ensure a harmonized return to our daily operations.


1. We have completed an educational program regarding the National Hygiene Protocols and regulations concerning tourism, food, and transportation enterprises. We will continue to closely monitor if there are any particular seminars or lessons to be taken to learn about the implementation of all the necessary health & hygiene measures.

Health & Hygiene certificate


2. We have developed a “COVID-19 prevention & contingency Plan” for our staff members & contracted cooperators that includes:

  • action/checklist for Infection Prevention
  • a special Cleaning and Disinfection Plan for the office, vehicles, and vessels
  • COVID-19 contingency plan should new cases emerge in collaboration with suppliers and partners.

3. Every 14 days, our staff will fill the “Health Statement Form” certifying their good health and no close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

4. Written instructions & reminders will be available to our staff to ensure that the guidelines are being implemented.

5. Personal protection equipment will be available to our staff, such as masks & gloves, hand sanitation.


Cleaning & Sanitization

1. All our cleaning activities in vehicles & office will be enhanced both in amplitude and frequency according to the Cleaning and Disinfection Plan.

2. Particular care will be paid to frequently touched surfaces (buttons, chair handles & armrests).

3. Hand-disinfection will be placed at all the entrances of all the vehicles.

4. During stops, all the vehicles will remain open to ensure proper air ventilation.

5. The air conditioning system will be checked frequently, especially the air-filtering system.

Physical distancing

1. Electronic booking confirmations for non-contact boarding are accepted so that touching of surfaces is minimized.

2. Symptomatic passengers and staff members will be discouraged from participating in tours.

3. Staff members will monitor the implementation of physical distancing.

4. The following number of passengers will be carried:

  • Minivan 9 seater – 3 Passengers + Driver
  • Limo Minibus 12 seater – 6 Passengers + Driver
  • Medium-size coach 30 seater – 20 Passengers + Driver + Guide
  • Tour Coach 52 seater – 32 Passengers + Driver+ Guide


1. Customers will be informed about the safety & hygiene requirements upon the booking on their Vouchers & Booking Confirmations.

2. Upon the boarding, customers will be reminded to use their face masks, hand-sanitizers, and keeping physical distance.

3. Throughout the tour, there will be instructions & reminders available as well as health safety promotion materials.

4. Customers will be instructed on the procedures for safe disposal of used masks.

5. Customers will be required to fill the Health Questionary Statement and carry with them their identification document (a copy).

6. In case of an emergency, our staff will operate according to the COVID-19 contingency plan.


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