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Lindos Village


Lindos village is one of Rhodes’ top attractions! Out of the three ancient city-states, it is the only one that has survived. Daily, thousands of travelers visit Lindos to wander through its picturesque streets, to visit the Archaeological site – the Acropolis, or to spend a day swimming and sunbathing on its sandy beaches.

Lindos is situated at a distance of approx. 50 km (31 miles) from the capital and occupies the same place as the ancient homonymous city.

The village is similar to the old medieval settlements of the Aegean. The houses are built very close to one another, with the courtyards in the interior, a feature that assures protection. Porous stone and limestone are the main building material. The actual form of the settlement was established after 1610, following the strong earthquake. The village was reconstructed and decorated with new buildings, at the expense of the wealthy local ship owners. The most representative mansions are dated in the 17th and 18th c. and are known by the name of their owners; the house of Papakonstantis, of Kyriakos, of Makris, of Krikis, of Marietta Markoulitsa and of Ioanidis. Today, the majority of the 800 permanent residents of the village are occupied in tourism.

It’s an ideal location for carefree strolls with cosmopolitan summer atmosphere, vibrant narrow, labyrinthine streets, white-washed houses, religious monuments, cozy rooftop gardens with restaurants & cafes, stylish boutiques and mainstream souvenir shops, all side by side.

The Acropolis of Lindos is the most important and impressive archaeological site on Rhodes Island. It is located at the top of a 116 m high hill.


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