Lindos Traditional White Houses



Lindos village is most well known by its little white cube houses around the rock of the Acropolis.

These are either simple single-roomed houses or courtyard town-houses with a yard wall and an impressive arched doorway at the entrance. The yards are often beautifully paved with pebble mosaic and surrounded by flowering bougainvillea, geraniums, basil in huge amphora’s!

Traditionally Lindian dwellings are called “kamarika” and are constructed of straw, sand, and lime. The thickness of the walls can reach up to 50 cm! It is a typical example of bioclimatic architecture. During the summer heat, the thick walls maintain the cool atmosphere inside the rooms, whereas during cold winter days, they keep it warm. Externally, the walls have uneven surfaces creating shade that drives the heat away.


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