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LINDOS is one of the most popular and picturesque villages of Rhodes island. In all guidebooks and travel magazines, Lindos will be mentioned as a “must” visit place! Lindos village is everything you might expect from a Greek town – the blue of the Aegean, whitewashed houses, small narrow streets, friendly people, sandy beaches, breathtaking views, archaeological sites. This excellent combination makes Lindos so inviting to every visitor! There are 5 things you can do to truly experience Lindos.

1. The View – a Picture is worth a thousand words

Whether you have a well-deserved 1 week holiday in Rhodes or you stop on the island for a day-visit during your cruise vacation, Lindos village must be on your “to see” list! Located approx. 50 kilometers (approx. 31mi) from the City of Rhodes, the white village of Lindos lies at the foot of a 116m cliff and is surrounded by beautiful bays. As you approach the village, the view will WOW you! It is genuinely postcard-like scenery! The white houses are covering the entire foot of the cliff, while the Acropolis sits at the top! To stop at the panoramic viewpoint overlooking the bay and make a memorable photo, is the first thing you should do in Lindos!

2. A place Blessed by Saints

Being in Lindos will give you a sensation of belonging to an elite society and this experience definitely will remain as one of the best memory from Rhodes! Just a 5 min drive around the village will lead you to the bay that is said to be the most beautiful in Rhodes Island. The bay is named after the Apostle Paul who is said to have come ashore at Lindos after a shipwreck. During his 3 months stay, he preached Christianity to the Rhodians. Nowadays you will find a beautiful small chapel at the bottom of the bay, but it is really the view from the top that steals the show! Crystal clear turquoise waters, little yachts, swimmers, the cliff surrounded by small coves… no wonder that St. Paul’s bay has become a favorite place for weddings both for locals and foreigners.

3. A Labyrinth full of Surprises

As you stroll down to the village, you will have a feeling that you enter into a painting – a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets revealing you monuments and treasures that Lindos is collecting and preserving throughout different eras. Probably because Lindos in ancient times was the most powerful city-state in Rhodes (besides Kamiros and Ialyssos) it is the only one that has survived through different eras and still keeps its initial look. The rich cultural heritage and architecture of Lindos has changed little across times. This will be your visit into the past where the Ancient temples, buildings from the Middle Ages, Byzantine churches, Knights’ fortress, Cycladic style captain’s houses, rich folk traditions and the magic blue of the Mediterranean meet. Have a slow walk, “siga-siga” – a Greek expression for slowly-slowly! Try to notice small details – doorbells, pebbled door entrance steps, floors of little boutique shops, views over the rooftops… every corner has a story to tell, often dating back centuries!

4. Acropolis – the Archaeological Jewel

Although the steep hill might frighten you, do not worry, you will not even notice the climb! You will be so amazed by the beauty of the surroundings that wanting to explore it all your feet will take you up in no time! If the path is too steep to climb, donkey rides to the top are available! The Acropolis of Lindos is truly incomparable to anything else you might have seen! You can feel and see layers and layers of history! It is a natural citadel which was fortified successively by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans.
The Acropolis is a nearly triangular rock, 166m high, has four levels. Going through the entrance, you will find the first level with an important monument – a Trireme (a Hellenic warship) carved into the rock that dates back to 3rd or 4th century B.C. After, follow the stairway built by the Knights that leads to the Castle above the gate. This is the second level and the steepest part of the Acropolis. You will then find another stairway that leads to the third level – a large Hellenic Stoa in a “U” shape, dated to the 3rd century B.C, is 87m long, has 42 Doric columns. The wide staircase leads from here to the Propylaea (means entrance). These stairs are also called the “stairs to heaven”, it will give you an impression that you are mounting into the clouds! At the top, on the fourth level, it is the reconstructed Temple Athena Lindia, built during the middle of the 4th century B.C. From the very top, you will be amazed by spectacular views of the surrounding harbors and the coastline.

5. Lindos… life on the Beach

Lindos can also prove to be an ideal destination for beach lovers! The bay of Lindos is proud to host one of the few sandy beaches on the Island. It is generally hotter in Lindos than everywhere else in Rhodes! Calm and refreshing water will be your escape from the summer heat, which at the peak of the season can reach 45°C (113°F)!!! Therefore do not set it as a goal to see all the historical monuments and ancient stones in the Acropolis or the village! If you will not get tired after climbing the cliff, it is sure that the hot Lindos sun will force you to look for a shade either in one of the inviting village cafés and souvenir boutiques or head directly towards the beach to dive into the refreshing turquoise crystal clear Mediterranean waters!


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