19 Jun, 2016
Reasons to visit the nearby island SYMI

Symi is not just another touristic island. Although main industry of the island today is based on tourism, Symi differs from typical Greek holiday resorts in many ways. The fact that it is located so close to Rhodes and Turkey, makes it an ideal destination for day trips. It is difficult to soak up the atmosphere and experience the local culture in few hours, but the little island and it's people are so generous that, no doubt, Symi will leave a mark on your traveler’s experience.

31 May, 2016
5 Things to Do in Lindos

LINDOS is one of the most popular and picturesque villages of Rhodes island. In all guide books and travel magazines Lindos will be mentioned as a “must” visit place! Lindos village is everything you might expect from a Greek village – the blue of the Aegean, white washed houses, small narrow streets, friendly people, sandy beaches, breathtaking views, archaeological sites. This wonderful combination makes Lindos so inviting to every visitor! There are 5 things you can do in Lindos to have the best holiday experience.